Mahal | Full Hindi Movie | Popular Hindi Movies | Ashok Kumar - Madhubala

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Mahal | Full Hindi Movie | Popular Hindi Movies | Ashok Kumar - Madhubala

Film Name : Mahal
Starring : Ashok Kumar, Madhubala
Directed by : Kamal Amrohi
Produced by : Ashok Kumar
Music by : Khemchand Prakash
Country : India
Language : Hindi / Urdu

Synopsis : Mahal is a story of reincarnation and a ghost story. In Allahabad, there is a beautiful abandoned palace. When a new owner, Hari Shankar (Ashok Kumar) comes to live in this palace, the old gardener narrates the story of incomplete love.

40 years previous, a man built it and his lover, Kamini (Madhubala) began to live in it. She would wait all day long for the man to come to her at midnight, but he always left before it was morning. One stormy night, the man's ship sank and he drowned. Before leaving Kamini, he tells her that their love will never fail. A few days later, Kamini also died.

When Shankar goes to bedroom, a photograph falls from the wall and Shankar is astonished to find the man in the photograph looks exactly like him. Then, a woman is heard singing and Shankar follows it. He finds her sitting in a room but she flees when she sees him. Shankar's friend Shrinath (Kanu Roy) arrives and Shankar expresses suspicion on his being the man of the incomplete love story in a previous life. Shrinath tries to calm him but then the woman reappears. They follow her to the terrace, where she jumps off to the water and the two men find nothing when they look down. The next day, Shankar heads back to Kanpur. At Naini, he gets off from train and goes to the palace. Kamini tells him that she is a reality, but Shrinath interferes and warns Shankar that she will draw him to death. The ghost appears again and tells Shrinath to stay away from them. Enraged, Shrinath tries to shoot her but fails. Kamini tells Shankar that if she got a body of a woman whom Shankar likes, she could return to life. She tells Shankar to see the gardener's daughter's face to check if she's beautiful and he can accept Kamini in that face. Meanwhile, Shankar's father arrives after hearing everything from Shrinath and takes him home. Shankar gets married to Ranjana (Vijayalaxmi). He decides to move far away with his wife in order to forget Kamini. After two years, a disturbed Ranjana wanting to know where Shankar goes every night, follows him when he goes to meet Kamini. Kamini tells him to kill the gardener's daughter so that she can use the body. Knowing everything, Ranjana drinks poison and go to police station to give a deathbed confession against Shankar of betrayal and poisoning her. Shanker is submitted to the court and the daughter of the gardener, Asha is also called upon there being accused of the cause of distance between Shankar and Ranjana. Later Asha is revealed to be Kamini. She then accepts that she has played the role of Kamini bacause she had fallen in love with the man in the photograph, who looks like Shankar. But Shankar is sentenced to death. Later, the police come to know about Ranjana's letter and free Shankar. Shankar rushes to Shrinath's place but dies. The credits role as a grieving Kamini and Shrinath walk away.

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