As Lauren Graham once told me

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As Lauren Graham once told me

As Lauren Graham once told me

Xtranormal Male: What would you like to talk about

Xtranormal Female: I would like to talk about peter Austin noto he makes me
laugh an I like looking at him I may be in love with him

Xtranormal Male: Peter Austin Noto has performed with the biggest stars in
show business

Xtranormal Female: Peter Austin Noto stopped working as a design architect
to pursue modeling

Xtranormal Male: Modeling is every mothers dream for her son

Xtranormal Female: I am in love with him

Xtranormal Male: Just go to and you can droll just
make sure you bring paper towels to clean up the mess

Xtranormal Female: In peters early career peter had parts in Moonstruck –
Fisher King an Trains Planes an Auto Mobiles with Cher, Nicolas Cage
Steve Martin an the last great John Candy

Xtranormal Male: in 1990 Peter Austin Noto an David Giardina put there
untamed comedy derived from the movies mentioned to create

Xtranormal Female: Pete an Dave in show business now considered a cult
classic an can be found on Facebook an the You Tube

Xtranormal Male: Peter has worked on TV – commercials – film. theatre an
modeling adds

Xtranormal Female: Peter was cast as the Time Warner Cable Thief the biggest
commercial ever I must still see those photos I'm getting girly hot

Xtranormal Male Peter was part of Radio City Music Hall Jesus Was His Name
an toured the world for three years

Xtranormal Female: in 1996 peter started working on Saturday Night Live an
continuous to this day
He has 84 shows to his credit there should be more but the IMDb has a mind
of its own

Xtranormal Male: Peter Austin Noto was striker on USA UP ALL NIGHT With the
delectable Rhonda Shear

Xtranormal Female: Peter started working on two unknown shows called the
sopranos as Tony’s friend James Gandolfini an Sex In The City as Samantha's
squeeze played by Kim Cattrall I would like to kiss Peter

Xtranormal Male: Peter also managed to be the Co Host of the John King Show
an many appearances on late night with Conan Obrien

Xtranormal Male: as this has been enough of peter Austin noto .. peter has
worked in the film Uncle Melvin's Apartment, the in laws, Collinsville
riding in cars with boys with drew Barrymore which peter has also worked 3
times with drew Barrymore on Saturday night live

Xtranormal Female: Peter also worked on another cult classic on Strangers
With Candy as Candy's Pizza Boy an HBO’s the Flight Of The Concords

Xtranormal Male: The film ‘Girl Most Likely’ With Kristen Wiig, Annette
Bening also known as IMOGENE where Peter plays the mysterious Armondo has
just been released

Xtranormal Female: This multi talented actor has inspiring an powerful ways
along with a natural sexuality to stand in his presence your not sure where
to put your eyes Rhonda Shear an Kim Cattrall along with Kristen Wiig an
Annette Bening all noted he has that special energy that has you talking
like a little girl an swirling your hair an at the same time peter seems to
spread a little sunshine with a minor body movement which will make you
follow him to the sun I need to kiss him now as Joe Namath kisses girls

Xtranormal Male: How about kissing me

Xtranormal Female: I only want to kiss Peter Austin Noto

Xtranormal Male: Do what you have to do

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